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After years of investigation, LENDAN have broken conventional thinking with HAIR ID.  HAIR ID is a pioneering and personalized treatment that adapts to the particular needs of each individual's hair and scalp in a completely individualized way, with visible results from the very first application. 


HAIR ID SYSTEM is made up of the following components:

1. Smart Base

The Smart Base is the first component of the Hair ID system. With it’s innovative technology that detects the hair’s most damaged areas to fill and repair the hair thanks to the agents from the active concentrates that are incorporated into the personalized blend. 


2. Active Concentrates (8 available)

Two of these active concentrates are mixed into the Hair ID Smart Base. With 8 Active Concentrates to choose from and over 140 unique combinations there truly is a unique mask for everyone.

CERAMIDES CONCENTRATE: Suitable for damaged hair. Ceramides are repairing molecules that have a natural repairing action on the cuticle. They keep the hair cuticle scales locked together to ensure a healthy, balanced and shiny appearance.

STEM CELLS CONCENTRATE: Formulated especially to offer heat protection and create an anti-aging effect on the hair. The stem cells delay the aging process, allowing hair to stay younger-looking for longer.

DIAMOND CONENTRATE: The active ingredients and diamond extract act on the hair shaft to seal andprotect it. Ideal for protecting the hair shaft and reducing the deterioration of damaged hair, spilt ends and hair exposed to chemical treatments or frequently styled with irons and dryers.

BAOBAB CONCENTRATE: Baobab concentrate adds body, nourishes deep down and protects from environmental damage. Ideal for giving find hair body and volume as well as nourishing the hair shaft’s inner structures.

MULTIVITAMIN CONCENTRATE: A nourishing formula designed for weak and fine hair. The multivitamin blend in this concentrate nourishes hair deep down, adding strength and vigor. Pro-Vitamin B5 enhances strength and elasticity, Vitamin E has an anti-oxidant and protective action against free radicals, and vitamin B3 and C improve the hair follicle’s general health.


OLEO THERAPY CONCENTRATE: Formulated with specific nourishing and conditioning oils and active
ingredients to protect colour from UV rays. Avocado oil rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins nourish and Jojoba oil conditions to prevent brittle and lackluster hair.


LIPOSOMES AND SILK CONCENTRATE: A multi-functional concentrate for all hair types. It’s advanced
system locks in the active ingredients in the hair outer layers (the cuticle) making them more easily absorbed, adding shine, improving softness, eliminating frizz and leaving hair easier to manage.


WAX FLOWER CONCENTRATE: a skin-smoothing formula specifically designed for sensitive scalps.
Combines the delicate nature of the wax flower with powerful calming and protective active ingredients to
leave the skin feeling soothed and comfortable.


3. Essences (5 available)
The third and last component that completes the personalization of the Hair ID Treatment by adding aromatherapy are the essences. Choose from 1 of the 5 essences to add to the Smart Base and awaken your senses and add a spalsh of colour to your personalized Hair ID Treatment!


RELAX ESSENCE: With lilac floral notes, this essence evokes the soft, tenderness of lavender and transports us to a moment of calm and to a relaxing place.


HAPPINESS ESSENCE: Infancy is probably one of the happiness of times and the notes of watermelon and melon candies in this essence evokes memories  associated with happiness.


ENERGY ESSENCE: A touch of citrus such as lime, grapefruit and lemon that awaken and energizes.


SENSUAL ESSENCE: A floral fragrance base with a woody touch and chocolate and vanilla notes to evoke intense and elegant sensuality.


PURITY ESSENCE: Close your eyes, disconnect from the city and go back to the purity of nature with this
delicate and gentle allergen-free fragrance. This woody essence with amber and musk has been designed to guarantee maximum softness and comfort on contact with the skin.


To create your very own Hair ID Treatment, please select 2 Concentrates and 1 Essence so our Hair ID Specialist can get mixing!  We have included recommended combinations or you can create your own combination by referring to the "Active Concentrates Properties" image above.



HAIR ID - Personalized Treatment 200ml