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hair id

Your hair. Your treatment. Because your hair is unique, there's Hair ID, made just for you.

The first product made just for your hair. 1 Smart Base + 8 Active Concentrates + 5 Essences in more than 140 combinations of different masks. A pioneering and personalized treatment that, with the assessment of the professional stylist, adapts to the particular needs of each client's hair and scalp in a totally individualized way.


A hair mask with intelligent technology that detects the hair’s most damaged areas and fills and repairs them, boosting the action of the active ingredients included in the blend.

Its formula specifically developed for the Hair ID range allows for personalization of the treatment to suit each hair type, with one unique base that can be adapted to each particular need depending on the concentrates used.


Wax Flower Concentrate.

Baobab Concentrate.

Multivitamin Concentrate.

Oleo Therapy Concentrate.

Liposomes and Silk Concentrate.

Stem Cells Concentrate.

Diamond Concentrate.

Ceramides Concentrate.


5 unique fragrances to select from:

Sensual essence.

Purity essence.

Relax essence.

Energy essence.

Happiness essence.

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